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Thursday, 17 January 2019

SALE - Delizius Deluxe Iberian Jabugo Shoulder Ham

Don't deprive yourself of the exquisite Delizius Deluxe Iberian Jabugo shoulder ham! Iberian Jabugo ham enjoys great international prestige and is highly regarded the world over. The town of Jabugo is located in the province of Huelva (Spain), where both the natural environment, as well as the special climate, favour the curing of the Iberian hams and shoulder hams. They also favour the free-range raising of the Iberian pigs, fed predominantly on acorns. Additionally, the ancestral ritual and centuries-old tradition of elaborating the Iberian Jabugo hams and shoulder hams is an element which differentiates them from the other hams on the market. Approx. curing time: between 24 and 30 months.
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The Delizius Deluxe set of Iberian sausages (optional) includes:
  • 1 250 g Iberian chorizo sausage (chorizo ibérico)
  • 1 250 g Iberian spiced sausage (salchichón ibérico)
  • 1 250 g Iberian soft spicy sausage (sobrasada ibérica)
  • 1 250 g Iberian blood sausage (morcilla ibérica)
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