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Sunday, 6 January 2019

How do you celebrate the new year in Spain?

Here is a video of the parade of the Three Kings on the 5th of January at the children's gifts ceremony in Spain.

New Year's Eve in Spain: This night is usually celebrated with friends. At midnight, everyone is listening to the television to see and listen to, the 12 midnight strokes of the plaza del Sol in Madrid, the tradition is to eat a grape at every stroke of the bell by asking for a wish on the list of 12 wishes and a toast for this new year. Then it's the party all night and we eat the churros in the morning to go to bed afterwards.

New Year in Spain: On January 1st at 2pm families gather to celebrate the first meal of the year together. This week, we eat Roscon de Reyes with family and friends: it is a cake stuffed with candied fruit cream or angel hair to drink with cider. Whoever has the bean in the cake should invite to the next shot of Roscon de Reyes.

Three Wise Men: Finally, we celebrate the arrival of the Three Sages from the East on January 5th. The three Magi gave as gifts to the baby Jesus of Bethlehem gold, frankincense and myrrh. A cavalcade is organized in every towns and villages in Spain, with Magi on their coaches and offering them gifts to children with the help of the royal pages.

How does it work? Parents give their children's gifts to the circles of the Three Wise Men a few days before this event, indicating in which street they will be present with their children, the gifts carry a sticker with the full name of the child and the day of the cavalcade. Royal Pages give the child his or her gifts at the place indicated.

Watch the video which is a summary of this wonderful day. See also the article on Christmas traditions in Spain.

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